How to check internet speed

Level of difficulty: EASY

Have you ever been curious enough to find out how fast your internet speed is? You can do so, take a speed test of the internet, by doing so, you will come to know how you’re your internet connect is at any time. The internet speed is measured by how much data is transferred to the computer from the internet per second. There are many ways to check your internet speed; it can be done by downloading internet speed tool from the internet or by doing it manually.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
When you download music, documents, pictures, software updates, it is very common as most people do it. When you surf on Google or on you tube, you are downloading information through broadband connection. So the speed is higher than uploading speed. But when you want to upload a picture or video, the upload speed must be fast and sufficient or it will take a longer period of time for it to upload.
Step 2
If the speed is slow, the data will not upload at all.
Step 3
How to check internet speed online, you can check by doing a speed test which works on Windows servers, all you have to do is click on the nearest mirror site, then press on 'start' and the internet speed test will start working and you will be able to see it.
Step 4
How to check internet speed manually, if you have a dial up connection or local area connection, it will be displayed on your task bar, all you have to do is right click on that icon; it will look like two computers besides each other.
Step 5
A box will open up and your internet bandwidth speed will be displayed below there. If there is no icon, then you can use these steps:
Step 6
Click on 'Control Panel'. The again click on 'Network and Internet Connections.'
Step 7
A box will come up, pick and click on 'Network Connections.' Using right click, activate connection. Now click on 'Status'.
Step 8
After you have done that, your internet speed will be displayed.