How to copy music to ipod

Level of difficulty: Easy

IPOD is one of the latest sensations in the world of media players. It is a portable media player that gives listening to music a new dimension. They are available in large numbers of models, on the basis of memory size and certain other exciting features. So, if you want a stylish touch screen IPOD with 160 GB memory or if you love to have an IPOD with high resolution video features at your collection, you don’t have to be disappointed. Whatever be the audio file format, IPOD will play it for you very easily. Even video games are playable on certain versions of IPODs. But apart from that, the most important thing is that they can be served as an external storage device. Its high storage capacity provides you a fun, easy and convenient way to carry around the music and listen to all of them.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
The iPods have a user configurable volume limit which acts as a proper equalizer for the users thereby allowing them to enjoy the music. There are many types of software present in the market that are effective in transferring music to IPOD from computers and the steps are very easy. First we have to develop a connection between the iPod and the USB port of the computer with the help of a data cable. Then we have to select the software needed to carry out the exchange of songs. Hey, no need to worry- they are easily available from the internet. Finally download and install it and launch the application. Open the folder where all the mp3s are stored and ultimately we get the chance to transfer music to our iPod.
Step 2
We can also import music to iPod from our mp3 CDs. For that we need to select a mp3 CD that is completely scratch free. Insert the CD on the drive and import it. There are large numbers of iPod player softwares present. Start loading all the songs in the personal files of the player. Make a playlist of your desired songs from the files. Connect the iPod to the computer through the USB connection. After being connected properly, the software will provide the option 'device'. Click on it along with the music button and the iPod will update the new playlist and you will have some soul touching or rocking music at your iPod. iPod adds a new flavor to the songs with proper bass and much better sound clarity as compared to other mp3s. So, hurry up- go for a iPod enriched with special features and enjoy music to its fullest.