How to burn avi files to dvd

Level of difficulty: Easy

The meaning o f AVI is Audio Video Interleave. It is one of the most popular formats being given an introduction by Microsoft. AVI is the medium to share files. The most common format used for video/audio sharing on the computer is AVI. It is a standard file. If you have a lot of AVI files, you require a DVD to use as a back up file, then you can use the Super DVD Creator to do it by using some clicks. You can learn the process to change AVI files to DVD so you could watch them using your home DVD player. On the internet AVI files are very popular. To save space on your hard disk, you can convert and burn all the AVI files in a DVD. For burning, you have to open your Super DVD Creator and do some simple tasks.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
On the left panel of your screen, click on 'Video Disk Creator'.
Step 2
Choose the 'DVD', click on the button 'Ok'. If you are looking to convert the files into a different format then choose SVCD or VCD, depending which one you want.
Step 3
You will then get to see the Create Center, click on the tab' Add file' which adds the AVI file to your DVD.
Step 4
If the AVI file doesn’t please you, then choose the clip, and click on the 'Delete the clip' that deletes the file from your list.
Step 5
If any changes are to be made in the sequence in which the files are put, then you should make a choice of a file and then click on the buttons which states' move up' or 'move down'.
Step 6
When the AVI files are all ready, then click on 'Convert and burn' button. The Super DVD Creator will start converting all the AVI files automatically in the file list to the DVD format, and start burning them in a DVD. This task of burning the AVI files into DVD will take a few minutes. Within minutes you will have a perfect DVD.
Step 7
If for some reason the burning process fails, then try this.
Step 8
Close the windows and restart the computer.
Step 9
Close the windows and restart the computer.
Step 10
Replace the blank DVD
Step 11
Repeat the whole process like the first time]
Step 12
And finally, lower the writing speed.