How to check PC temperature

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Heat is produced when CPU runs. It is very important to eradicate the heat from an electronic device. Internal circuits can be burned or damaged if the device is extremely hot. CPU may also get burnt in case the heat is in excess. One can check the temperature of hard drive and CPU. It is crucial to check the temperature of electronic devices as excessive temperature can damage the internal components of a computer. One can check the temperature of a computer in different ways like checking the temperature through motherboard software or through 3rd party software. The instructions mentioned below will provide different ways in which the temperature of a computer can be checked.

Materials Needed:
- Check the settings in the BIOS or download the software from Internet
Step 1
One can check the temperature of the computer with BIOS. All the BIOS do not have temperature monitoring option. There is a possibility that one may or may not be able to succeed with first step. Turn on the computer, while the computer gets boot, get in the BIOS window. Search the line' Press F2 for Set Up'(something like this). There is the possibility that the button is different than F2 like F10 or F1. After pressing the button to enter into the BIOS, search for the tab something like PC health or Hardware Monitors. One can see the computer temperature there. There is the possibility that the BIOS may show the temperature lower than what one normally experiences.
Step 2
One can also check the temperature of the computer after downloading the software program. These programs check the computer temperatures within OS (operating system). Few programs are there for MAC & Windows however one can also find it for Linux too. The program 'Everest' works with Mac.
Step 3
Once the program is installed, run the program and then find out the temperature in -> hardware->Sensor tab in computer or SIW-> Sensors in Everest.
Step 4
Every motherboard has its own software CD. In case if one does not have that CD then it can be downloaded from the internet. This CD contains many of the software like CPU monitoring software, Fan speed, motherboard monitoring software etc. One just needs to install the software from the Motherboard folder called motherboard monitoring (program). Run the software and one would be able to see the system temperature or motherboard temperature easily.
Step 5
The normal temperature of the CPU is usually between 30-60 degrees C. If the temperature is higher than this, then the computer needs to be checked before it harms the computer.