How to Install a Webcam

Level of difficulty: Easy

A Web camera or webcam is a device that captures a series of digital images transferred by a computer to a server and shown in a hosting page. It plays a very big role in the advent of the Internet technology particularly because it allows long distance communication to be more personal. Basically, a webcam is a camera directly or indirectly connected to a computer and gathers a series of images for display elsewhere. The webcam is used in various ways like keeping in touch with distant family and friends. It can be applied in businesses when holding video conference meetings and other entities use it to access public information like weather and traffic reports. Webcam technology is utilized as a security feature, by remote or with conjunction with motion detectors to observe an area, room, building, or house.

Materials Needed:
- Webcam
- Computer
- Internet Connection
Step 1
Select and purchase a webcam. Decide on the purpose of the webcam, select and purchase accordingly. An inexpensive webcam is ideal for home use, while a small remote webcam will be more suitable for security use.
Step 2
Read all installation directions before attempting to install the webcam. Remember the webcam features and follow the appropriate steps when installing the camera.
Step 3
Create a backup of the computer's hard drive to be safe. A backup will ensure that important data will not be accidently erased by wrong installation.
Step 4
Install the webcam software by using the installation CD. An updated version of the webcam installer may be available on the Internet; download and use the updated version if possible.
Step 5
It is recommended that old or unused Web camera software be removed. Select the 'Start' button on the left corner of the Desktop, choose 'Control Panel' and select 'Add/ Remove Programs'. Search for the old program and remove.
Step 6
The installation software will prompt on the appropriate time to plug the webcam. Do not plug before or power up before. Cameras are usually installed by using a USB cable; a successful installation will be reported by the installation software.
Step 7
Try out the newly-installed Web camera by running suggested tests on the documentation or software accompanying the camera. If a problem with installation appears, repeat Step 5 in removing the wrong installation and repeat the installation process.
Step 8
If using the Web camera for chatting, download an instant message program such as free IM programs like Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, and Apple iChat.