How to Use Microsoft FrontPage 2002

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Microsoft FrontPage 2002 is an HTML editor that was branded as a component of Microsoft Office suite of applications from 1997 up to 2003. Users can start building a website by using this application. Microsoft FrontPage 2002 is very useful in making web design and development a lot easier. This full featured application has several extras for publishers especially if they are posting their pages to a Web server that has Microsoft extensions enabled.

Materials Needed:
- Microsoft FrontPage 2002
- Microsoft Windows Operating System
Step 1
Users can utilize Microsoft FrontPage 2002 in creating Web pages and websites. To get started with Microsoft FrontPage 2002, all that users have to do is to open it and launch a new page. The first thing that users will notice on this application is its menu bar options. This HTML editor was intended to run like the other applications from Microsoft. It has the options that most users would expect.
Step 2
Users must ensure to expand all of the application’s menu options in order for him to become aware of what’s beneath each one.
Step 3
Remember that the toolbars that are located under the menu bars of this application are context sensitive. Most items in the toolbars are grayed out and not accessible if there is no webpage that is open or being edited. The toolbars give users access to different options that are helpful for web page building.
Step 4
To open a window in Microsoft FrontPage 2002, click 'File' and then double click 'New' or simply press Ctrl-N. Once you’ve opened a new window, you can then start typing on it, inserting images, sounds and videos.
Step 5
Users can build a mailto form in Microsoft FrontPage 2002 but it is a bit tricky because the application assumes that the user will be utilizing FrontPage extensions. To build a mailto form, users need to insert form and set its properties. They can do this by right clicking on the form and selecting the 'Form Properties' item. Users must then have to configure the (1) action; (2) method and (3) encoding type (which must be set to 'text/plain') in the 'Options' item and then save the file.
Step 6
Users can also utilize Microsoft FrontPage 2002 in creating a link to a non-HTML file to let readers download that file that could either be a ZIP, PDF or image file. It can be done by uploading the target file to the Web server, writing down the link to the file and assigning a hyperlink to the target file.