How to clear temp files

Level of difficulty: Easy

The temporary files, popularly known as the temp files are generally created by the computer programs for back up purposes. These files generally have file names ending with the extension .tmp. There are many programs that always saves a temporary embodiment of a file whenever the original file is opened. If the program suffers a sudden crash, the temporary file that was saved will be there at your service. The web browsers creates these temp files with the motive of storing browsing history, contents of visited web pages and even cookies. Creating the names of the files are done in such a way that a clear clue is provided about where the file is from. Plus their location gives the complete idea about the creator program of the file. These files tracks our browsing history and the personal data like saved passwords. On the other hand, it has been seen that they also can add up quickly, taking up a lot of space. Thus, it is better to eradicate these temp files. At times, the temporary files are not disposed off during quitting of application due to some programming error and can get accumulated on the hard drive without our notice. That is why, it is advisable to go for regular clearing of these temp files. The mechanisms are done with the intention of automatic deletion of the files, as and when the browser is closed.

Materials Needed:
Step 1
For this, open our web browser.
Step 2
Select for private data from the options chart in tools menu, with the privacy loop as your choice.
Step 3
From the settings option, put a check for clearing private data stating the clause of clearing each time the browser is closed.
Step 4
Mark the final seal for this procedure by providing the consent and selecting the ‘ok’ button. Now each time you end your quota of browsing the internet and close it, all the items selected for clearing will get automatically deleted.
Step 5
For carrying out the cleaning process every time manually, the entire procedure is the same as stated above, except the clause. In this case you have to skip the clause of automatic clearing each time the browser is closed with the private data clearing.
Step 6
Temporary internet files helps in having personalized content delivered to us which is very fruitful for us. But it will be foolish to ignore its immense drawbacks in lieu of these benefits. So, its wake up time- start searching your hard disk for these temp files and remove those unnecessary ones, saving your much valuable hard disk space.