How to burn divx to dvd

Level of difficulty: Easy

Divx is a common format which is used for video data on the computer. These files are very popular on the internet and if you have many of these video datas, then it is better to convert these Divx files into a DVD by burning them as it saves the space on the hard disk. You can download Divx video files to your computer from a site named Stage 6, you can watch movies from there using your DVD player as well as covert them to DVDs. There are different programs to do this, but to do it the easiest way, use Divx to DVD. There are many trial versions available for a limited time period which you can use. Feel free to try it and it’s not necessary to be a professional to burn Divx to DVD. It is super fast and can very easily convert the Divx into DVD movies. It’s only a matter of few clicks that will enable you to convert burn or watch your newly created DVD disc or file. Use them simple steps to burn Divx into DVD.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Run the program VSO Divx to DVD. First download and then install the program if you don’t have on your computer
Step 2
Click on the 'Source File's' folder icon, which you can find at the side of the red X that will pop up a new window. Now go through the folder which has the Divx video that you want converted and double click on it.
Step 3
By clicking on the icon directly which is under the one which you used, change the 'Destination Folder' for the DVD files. Make a selection of the folder in which you want the files placed by highlighting it and then click on the 'Ok' button.
Step 4
Now select the 'Aspect' you want to save your converted DVD video by the help of the drop-down box. The default is Automatic.
Step 5
Make a choice from NTSC or PAL formats by making the proper selection from the 'Standard' drop down box. The default is Automatic.
Step 6
There will be a 'Burn with Copy to DVD' box, if you want to burn the DVD to disc, and then have the program installed.
Step 7
Lastly, click 'Convert' and give the program time to convert the Divx to DVD format.