How to build a home network

Level of difficulty: Moderate.

A network is described as connecting two or more than two computers for exchanging information and to share resources and the interconnectivity among the various networks present all over the world is termed as the internet. It is a public network and also described as the network of networks. Even the collection of terminal devices like workstations of various types or commonly used telephone instruments connected together also forms a network. Computer network not only increases the reliability of the computer resources and facilitate the overall system developments, but also satisfy the primary objective of resource sharing which include device sharing and program segmentation. Through network we can opt for file sharing, print sharing, share database as well as fax. Plus internal email among the network helps in quick and effective communication. All of the interconnected data communication devices can form a wide area network, a local area network or a metropolitan area network. Thus, building a network in your locality and being a part of it is the most beneficial step you can ever have in your life.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized hardware and software
Step 1
Regarding the components of a computer network, there are five basic components- the sending device, the communication interface device, the communication channel, the receiving device and the communications software. The routers, the network interface cards and the modem are some of the popular communication devices required for network creation. A home network falls under local area network covering devices within a relatively small area like an organization. Creating a home network is not that easy and requires specialization to some extent. Connect the communication device that is the router with the master computer where you have the modem. Develop a proper connection between the network port between the modem and the router. From the control panel, move to the network center and go for network connection. Select the name of the desired router and press ok button. With continuous execution of the entire process to the other added computers, your steps for accessing to the other devices in the network are complete. Be it a wireless router or a wired one, it will make no difference and you can smoothly carry out the file sharing and device sharing.
Step 2
Home network uses high speed media and are privately owned and operated. So, stop thinking about having separate devices for your more than one computer- develop the home network and start sharing them right from today only.