How to Put a Password on a Folder

Level of difficulty: Easy

Different types of files, such as bank statements, expenses, diaries, photos and other private information may be prevented from being accessed by other people when it is password protected. By putting passwords on folders, unauthorized users are not capable of viewing the contents inside the protected folder just by clicking on it. A password must be provided in order for the contents inside a password-protected folder to be viewed by a user.

Materials Needed:
- Windows Operating System (OS)
- Compression Tools like WinRar or WinZip
Step 1
Choose the folder to password-protect. Select all files needed to be protected and place them inside the folder. Several folders may be placed inside the folder to be protected to sort out different types of files.
Step 2
Right click on the folder to be protected then scroll down to the option 'Properties' and click. Click on the 'Sharing' tab and check the box that says 'Make this folder private' and press the 'apply' button.
Step 3
A prompt will then appear and a password must be provided. Choose 'Yes'. Enter the password and confirm it and a third prompt will ask for a password hint, in case the password is lost or forgotten.
Step 4
Avoid using passwords that are easily guessed such as middle name, birthdates of family and even pet names. Use passwords that are 6-8 letters long and if possible, replace instances of some letters like ‘e’ with the number ‘3’ or ‘i’ with the number '1' and so on. Avoid writing the password or hints for your password on a piece of paper or notebooks that could be easily found when searched by other people.
Step 5
Password-protecting a zipped folder is easier. On the location for the zipped folder, right-click with the mouse and choose the 'new' option and choose 'Compressed (zipped) folder'. A prompt for the zipped folder’s name will appear.
Step 6
Name the zipped folder. Select the files or folders to be protected and drag towards your newly created zipped file.
Step 7
Protect your zipped folder by placing a password. Choose the zipped folder to be protected. Double-click on the chosen zipped file then click 'File' then 'Add Password' and at the prompt, enter the password twice and press 'OK'. You will now need a password to access your folder and files.