How to Download a RAR Movie

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Roshal Archive or RAR files are data containers that allow users to store huge files in compressed form such as music and movie files. The RAR file allows a user to store files at sizes smaller than its original. This allows the user to save on computer disk space. The compressed file does not only provide more disk space but also allows faster multiple handling and downloading of files. Downloading movies is usually done in two ways. These are Peer-to-Peer variants or the regular file downloads. In practice, movie downloads are usually done via the former option since it is more readily available and easily accessible to users.

Materials Needed:
- Torrent downloading program (Bit Torrent
- Azereus or Limewire)
- WinRAR program
- Video LAN
Step 1
Initially, users can download any Torrent downloading program such as Bit Torrent, Azureus and Limewire to enable the receiving of downloaded DVD movies. These same programs are the user’s connections to various data spread all over thousands of networked computers.
Step 2
The user can then locate a Torrent that would provide the user with access to various movie links and downloads. If the website selected has been shut down by the local government in some reported areas, the user can use some well-known websites such as and Isohunt. The movie links and websites in some occasions provide users with guides as to what movies are available on account of the comments provided on the quality of the movies.
Step 3
Once the website has been accessed, the user can perform a search of the particular movie desired or if not, browse the movies mostly downloaded by other users. While doing the search queries, it is advisable to first sort the search results by looking for movie files with the most number of 'Seeds'. A high number of 'Seeds' usually indicates that more people have accessed the particular movie file. This means there is a high probability that it is a high-quality and legitimate movie.
Step 4
Open the movie program with the use of the downloaded Torrent software to make way for the automatic downloading of the movie file. The user may watch and monitor the status of the download to know how much has been downloaded and the speed of the download by simply checking the status bar and download speed parameters shown to the user.
Step 5
The user must download WinRAR to open up the archived files as well as to save computer memory and make download speed faster. The WinRAR program enables the movie file to be packed into a RAR file for subsequent extraction.
Step 6
VideoLAN video player must be downloaded to allow the playing of any video codec; thus, facilitating access to the DVD movie once the download has been finished. This type of program can usually be downloaded for free from the Internet.
Step 7
Once the download has been completed, the user has the option of playing or burning the DVD video. To provide other users with access and sharing capabilities on the program, the program must be left open by the user.