How to clean lcd tv screen

Level of difficulty: Easy

LCD means Liquid Crystal Display that means it has crystal molecules within layers of polarized panels. So you should be very careful while cleaning a LCD TV screen as the panels are made of polymer material, and they are easily scratchable, even the slightest fingernail can scratch it. Compared to glass CRT monitors, the LCD screen needs much more gentle care.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized tools
Step 1
Mix 50% of distilled water with 50% of alcohol. Dilute the rubbing alcohol into a mix with about 50% isopropyl alcohol and the rest distilled water.
Step 2
Pour it into a bottle which has cover with a spray, test that it gives out a good equal flow of spray when it is pressed and doesn’t drip.
Step 3
Do not spray directly on the screen; spray the liquid onto a soft lint cloth or a micro fiber cloth. Use a moderate sized cloth as it will help you to clean the screen well.
Step 4
Now spray the liquid onto the cloth and wipe the screen in a circular movement. Put even pressure on the cloth but be careful not to scratch the screen with your fingertips.
Step 5
The homemade cleaning product is just as good as buying from the store as it contains the same ingredients. Some market products contain chemicals like ethylene glycol which is harmful for the LCD TV Screen.
Step 6
Do not use tissue paper as small pieces might get stuck on the screen, and use mineral water, no tap water as that will leave stains on the screen.
Step 7
Don’t go overboard with the solution and if excess has been applied, rub it off well with a cloth.
Step 8
Do not use glass cleaners as it contains ammonia. If you want to buy a cheap ready made solution, you can also use CD/DVD cleaner as it is plastic safe. Be sure to shut down the TV monitor before going through the cleaning process.
Step 9
Pamper your LCD TV Screen how you would pamper a baby as it needs a delicate touch and will give you better view and last longer.