How to create a bootable cd

Level of difficulty: Easy

With the help of a bootable CD, you can create CDs that can restore the configuration of the computer, start installation of a new program, diagnose a computer and update and set up hardware. It is very often that we create a bootable CD. It could be we want to run an antivirus check on an infected computer or the above reasons. The machine gets booted with the help of a CD.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
To create a bootable CD you require a CD R, CD RW, or other types of disc recorder should be installed in the computer.
Step 2
A simple process for creating a bootable CD is using the CD recording software program that you use to create CDs. Many of the programs are available and have a built in feature that enables users to create bootable CDs.
Step 3
If for any reason there is no built in feature in the recording CD program, then use an alternative program such as Nero.
Step 4
In Easy CD Creator, you can go to file menu, pick option NEW CD Layout, or choose Bootable CD. You will be prompted by the program for a floppy disk.
Step 5
With easy Creator, the CD should have a file containing an image of a boot disk. 6. During the boot, the computer will be booted by the floppy disk.
Step 6
Create a boot floppy that will let the system recognize CD ROM drive. The boot floppy disk should be used as an image on the CD. It should follow commands on DOS.
Step 7
If the program runs automatically, run the command that calls up the program. Antivirus can be loaded from
Step 8
Make an assumption that the CD ROM drive will be known as D. If you boot the computer via a CD, a message path will not appear. Then you will have to do it manually.