How to clean my PC

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The basic amenity of life nowadays is the computer and the usage of this equipment has been there since centuries. The improved system applications, less of storage space and reduced amount of time is making the modern day computers and laptops the best devices to work on. The computer is a great investment and can last long if properly maintained. Some simple steps can increase the efficiency and life of the computer system and are usually advised to perform regularly.

Materials Needed:
- Knowledge on operating the system tools and applications
Step 1
One can begin to clean the system by deleting all the old files that are not being used. This will be give a lot of free space and also improve the system speed. Old files and downloaded files take lot of space and are heavy as well.
Step 2
At times an individual might have installed a lot of programs and software. Uninstalling some unwanted things that are not to be used anymore will help to increase the speed and give some extra free storage space.
Step 3
One can even add and or remove some programs. Press on 'start' and then go to 'control panel'
Step 4
Click on 'add or remove program 'and then select the functions that are not needed any more and press remove.
Step 5
Computer system can be cleaned up better by removing the temporary files and cookies. One can erase the temporary files by searching them and the files ending with the 'temp extension' are just adding clutter. Press on 'start' and then go to 'explore'
Step 6
Then click to highlight the hard disk. Then press on 'search' where one needs to follow the option on 'all files and folders'
Step 7
Type *temp and then select the search tab. This will display all the temporary files.
Step 8
Press 'CTRL A 'on the keyboard, it will select all the files in one go and then individual can press 'delete' which will delete all the temporary files in one go.
Step 9
It is always suggested to empty the recycle bin as increased files in recycle bin also make the computer system inefficient. Right click on the 'recycle bin' icon.
Step 10
Press on 'empty recycle bin 'and this will delete everything in it.
Step 11
One can run an error check up to remove all sorts of errors and viruses. Right click on hard disc and go to 'tools' and select on 'check now' and then start. This will show all errors and one can remove them.