How to clean your laptop screen

Level of difficulty: Easy

LCD screens are delicately designed that need special care and attention. Laptop screens easily catch dust due to which they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Apart from using certain chemicals, there are some home remedies as well that can be used effectively to clean the laptop screens. Users should clean laptop screens carefully and gently.

Materials Needed:
- In order to clean the laptop screen
- one would essentially need a laptop
- an LCD cleaner
- distilled water and small piece of cotton cloth or towel.
Step 1
Foremost step requires users to switch off their laptop as it would be easier for them to clean its black screen as they can easily look for spots that are not visible otherwise.
Step 2
The next step requires users to spray an LCD cleaner on the cotton cloth. It is highly imperative to select a good quality cleaner devoid of any ammonia or alcohol. Such cleaners are easily available in computer showrooms. Users must strictly follow the directions for use as printed to achieve desired results.
Step 3
The next step requires users to wipe the laptop screen using a wet towel. The towel should be wet slightly with plain water. Users should great attention while wiping the screen to avoid any scratches or other damages.
Step 4
Now users are required to mix a gentle and highly effective liquid soap with water to clean their laptop screen. Users should mix the soap in small quantities to avoid any side effects. After wiping the screen once with a soap-water mixture, users are required to wipe it again with plain water to remove soap stains.
Step 5
After cleaning the laptop screen with soap-water mixture and then again with water only, users are now required to apply a colorless chemical called Hexane. It is made from oil and can be effectively used as a cleaner. It has a powerful chemical with a potent smell. People should be very careful while using this chemical.
Step 6
After cleaning the laptop screen with Hexane, users are now required to clean it with another chemical called Petroleum Benzine. It is a colorless chemical with a strong smell. This acts as an effective cleaner but should be used with great care.
Step 7
The cleaning process is completed. Users can even seek advice from people working in computer centers if they face any difficulties while cleaning their laptop screen.