How to Zip a File with WinZip

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

WinZip is an application that enables users to accumulate and compress several files so that it can save disk space and can be sent as a single attachment through electronic mail. Compressing a file is especially useful if users would like to send a collection of graphics or photos to someone. An evaluation copy can be downloaded on WinZip’s website. Provided here are some of the steps that users may take in zipping a file with WinZip.

Materials Needed:
- WinZip
- Files to be compressed
- Microsoft Windows Operating System
Step 1
The first step is to make a folder where the collection of photos or files would be saved on the computer.
Step 2
After you have downloaded and installed WinZip, double-click on its icon on the desktop or click the 'Start' button, then click 'Program' and double click the 'WinZip' item in order to launch it.
Step 3
If you are utilizing an unregistered version of WinZip, a dialog box will then appear on the screen, asking you to either view the evaluation license or enter your registration code. If you want to quit the program then you should press 'Quit' and if you would like to use it, then press the 'I Agree' button.
Step 4
Upon hitting the 'I Agree' button, the 'WinZip Tip of the Day' dialog box will then be showed up on your screen. You can either press the 'Next Tip' button if you wish to read more tips or press the 'Close' button to start creating a zip file.
Step 5
When in the main screen, click on the 'New' icon.
Step 6
You will now be prompted to choose a location where you will save your new archive.
Step 7
After choosing a location for your new archive, the 'Add Files' screen will then show up. It is then time to browse for the files that you would like to zip using WinZip. Then click the 'Add' button.
Step 8
Once you have clicked the 'Add' button, your new archive file will then be created and stored where you assigned it to be placed. You can then close the window that shows the newly created zipped file and its contents and send your ZIP file as an electronic mail attachment. Your recipient should also have a WinZip application installed on his computer in order to view your attachment.