How to burn mp3 to cd

Level of difficulty: Easy

MP3 CD files are great companion in your good as well as bad times. The portable MP3 players are amazing while you are traveling alone or waiting somewhere. It is very convenient to carry MP3s and listen to it through your headphones while you are out. However, if you are willing to play it in your car which has a CD player or if you wish to play it on the home stereo, then all you need to do is move the MP3 files into a CD.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Here showing you some steps for creating CD from MP3 files. First you need to download the MP3 files you want to listen to in your computer. You can get MP3 files from the official website of MP3 as well as many others. Since an MP3 file is a compressed version of a CD track, for making it function you need to expand the MP3 file back to a full-size CD track. The process is called decoding. For doing this you got to have decoding software on your computer. You can either purchase a decoding package or you may download free or trial software from the Internet. After this, you will have to collect all the CD tracks together in a directory. Then you need to write them to a writable CD. Your CD-R usually contains a software for doing this. As you write the audio tracks, make sure you tell the software you want to create an audio CD rather than a CD-ROM.
Step 2
MP3 files can easily be downloaded from internet. CD-R drive usually comes with software for writing audio tracks to a writeable CD. The most important thing which you need for burning MP3 to CD is the decoder. There are various places from where you can get the decoder. Some of the good places for finding a decoder are Winamp and MP3 Software.
Step 3
If you face any problems while trying to burn MP3 to CD, go through the instructions which come with the software. While you are on the lookout of a decoder, find out the one which you think will be most helpful for you. Read the offers provided by each of them. There are some software available which does not need a decoder while transferring MP3 to CD. You may find out one of them. After you are done with burning the MP3 to CD, keep it in a safe place.