How to delete internet history

Level of difficulty: Easy

People browse numerous websites in a day for different reasons. These websites may be work-related or users can browse anything that interests them. Many people are not aware of the fact that their web browser keeps all the records of different sites visited by them. It stores website addresses that one has browsed. Some may not want to delete web history as it would enable them to keep complete track of various website addresses; this would enable them to use such URLs for future reference. However, most people prefer deleting their web history as they do not want others to see what they have surfed online. There are people who are interested in knowing what others have surfed, due to which they secretly access their computers to know the same. This creates a need to delete web history for preventing others to interfere. This helps them in maintaining the privacy of their browsing habits.

Materials Needed:
- In order to clear web history
- one would need a computer
- internet access and web browser.
Step 1
Foremost step requires users to click 'Start' which is located at the bottom left corner of the desktop.
Step 2
Once users click 'Start' button, they are required to go to the 'Settings' option.
Step 3
After selecting the option 'Settings', users are required to click 'Control Panel'.
Step 4
Once users have selected the option 'Control Panel', they proceed further to next step. This step requires them to select 'Internet Options' with the help of double-click.
Step 5
Select 'Internet Options' with the help of double-click, they can see a 'General' tab appearing on their screens. Users are required to select 'General' tab to proceed to next step.
Step 6
When users select the 'General' tab, they can see a history box that appears on their screens. In this history box an option appears which says 'Clear History'. Users are required to click 'Clear History' and continue with the next step.
Step 7
Once any user clicks the option 'Clear History', a box pops up asking the user for his confirmation regarding deletion of all files in history folder. If the user is sure about it, he can then click 'OK' to confirm such deletion.
Step 8
Once the user has given required instruction, he needs to click 'OK' to exit. This option can be seen appearing in the 'General' box right at the bottom.