How to activate windows xp

Level of difficulty: Easy

Windows XP is an operating system produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, media center and laptops. The term XP stands for “eXPerience” and was introduced in the market in 2001. Windows XP is the first customer oriented operating system produced by Microsoft and within a very short span of time, million copies were in use. A large edition of the operating system was introduced- most popular being the home edition for the home users. Even there is windows XP professional offering various features such as support for windows server domains and two physical processors. The media center edition provides awesome multimedia features like viewing DVD movies and listening to music. They presents a completely redesigned Graphical user interface which is much more user friendly. For activating windows XP, a lot of options are available for us.

Materials Needed:
- modem
- Internet
- Phone.
Step 1
First one is by using the internet. Simply, the windows activation icon needs to be clicked from the notification area.
Step 2
The yes option needs to be clicked for activate windows over the internet now.
Step 3
The activation request gets processed with the wizard establishing connection with an activation server and successfully activates the copy of windows.
Step 4
Then, there is the method of activation through the modem. This procedure is completely same as that of activation with internet. If you have a modem but do not have an internet connection, the wizard detects the modem and creates a connection to the activation server through the phone line.
Step 5
Last but not the least is the method of activation by phone. If there is non-availability of modem or an internet connection, windows XP can be activated by calling a Microsoft customer service representative. The toll free number is to be displayed on the activation wizard.
Step 6
Clicking on the windows activation icon from the notification area, the yes option needs to be clicked for want to telephone a customer service representative to activate windows now. The steps to be followed in the activate windows by phone dialog box and the copy of windows gets perfectly activated.
Step 7
Windows XP is the most widely used operating system in the world with almost 60% market share. Windows XP is also the first one to use product activation to stand against illegal copying. It has introduced many new characteristics like faster start-up, support for most DSL modems and helps networking over firewire and Bluetooth. They are known for their improved stability and efficiency. So, stop being deprived of the benefits from such a good thing and go for it, now.