How to Download an Online TV

Level of difficulty: Easy

Internet television provides users the option to select a show from a wide range of library of shows and is created, distributed, and managed through an open website. The rapid ascent of a high speed broadband access, increased PC power, and greater memory storage capability transformed Internet TV into a huge opportunity for different service providers for a more robust and fresher revenue stream. One of the advantages of Internet TV is its ability to provide a huge population with TV contents that know no geographical limitations. The principal model for Internet TV is streaming Internet television or a selectable video file from an Internet site. Broadcasting of the video file is also made possible via a peer-to-peer network (P2PTV) which however does not depend on a single website streaming. Internet TV is known by some other names such as Television on the Desktop (TOD), TV over IP (Television over Internet protocol), Vlog, Vodcast, Web TV, Over-the-top TV, and NET TV. The technology relies on existing frameworks such as ADSL, Wi-Fi, ADSL, satellite, and cable.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Internet connection
Step 1
Find an open source movie or video available for anyone to download. The user may use the Internet Archive for the downloadable movie as a source.
Step 2
Stream selected movies from legal websites like network TV stations or websites with the legal authority or license to perform video streaming. There are several known sites that provide these services such as NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox. Some sites also offer episodes previously aired and are now available online to movie enthusiasts. Accessing the provides users a huge online resource that can allow the user to watch full-length television shows and movies and clips as well. Additionally, the user may also sign up and choose favorite shows which will then provide the user with new shows on the list whenever these shows are made available by the network providers.
Step 3
Purchase movies online only from licensed dealers and vendors. Some of the more popular and accepted online sites include Unbox and iTunes. Other technologies offering online television include BitTorrent, Dirac, HTTP, AOL’s Nullsoft Streaming Video, RSS, RSS enclosure, RTSP, SMIL, WTVML, and Theora.
Step 4
Movies and shows can also be rented from these online sites by downloading the movie although available only for a limited period. Some websites have been known to provide users with the opportunity of downloading a particular number of movies on a given period.
Step 5
The user may also visit the websites provided by the local public library. These library systems have been known to provide users with downloadable video files involving educational programs as well as art-related movies.