How to Change the Password on a Linksys Router

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Router hardware devices are considered as integral components of any network environment because of their primary function of routing data packets (information) to their intended destination by computing the best way to take with minimal hops. The manner of computation done by these hardware devices take into account a number of factors like bandwidth load, how many servers to pass, and many more, all of which remain entirely invisible to the user. The introduction of wireless routing devices also led to the institutionalization of Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) connections in various network areas (such as Wi-Fi hotspots) and broader connectivity with requiring cabling installations. Routing is normally done via what is referred to as a routing table which is a type of database of the possible routes that can be taken by any transmitted information to its intended recipient based on the IP address of the receiving machine.

Materials Needed:
- Router
- Computer with Network Interface Card
- Web browser
- Ethernet Cable
Step 1
When talking about routers, there are basically two types of passwords involved, one for the administrative console and the other for the wireless connection security password. Launch the Web browser and type in the address bar the IP address of the router. To change the password for the administrative console, proceed to the next step, otherwise, go to step 5.
Step 2
In the log in screen, type the Username (if any) and the corresponding Password. The defaults are usually admin and password respectively unless you had previously changed them.
Step 3
In the administrative console, click on the Administration tab. In this window, you will see a Router Password box and a Re-enter to Confirm box. Type the new password in the first box and retype the password in the second box. Make sure that they are identical and remember that passwords are case sensitive.
Step 4
Click on the Save Settings button. You will be logged out of the administrative console window and back to the log in screen. Try the new password it should work now.
Step 5
To change the security password, log into the administrative console window. Click on the Wireless tab and select the option for Wireless Security.
Step 6
In this window, you will be able to define whether to Enable or Disable the Wireless Security feature. You can also choose the Security Mode (usually WEP, WPA, or WPA2).
Step 7
After selecting the appropriate Security Mode, choose the Wireless Encryption Level. The higher the level, the better security it can provide for your wireless access.
Step 8
Type in a Passphrase or WPA key depending on the Security Mode chosen, and click on the Generate button (if available) to create the network access key. Click on the Save Settings button to make the changes permanent.
Step 9
Close all open browser windows and reboot the router. Reconnect wirelessly with the new network access key.