How to check computer speed

Level of difficulty: EASY

The speed of the computer depends on which operating system version you are using on the computer. There are several ways to check the speed of the computer.

Materials Needed:
- Computer Hardware
Step 1
You can check it through the device manager. For this, click on ‘Start' button, and click on the 'Run' utility button. Then type 'Devmgmt msc'. Then click on 'Ok' and expand the Processors option. You will get a display of the CPU speed under this option.
Step 2
Another way to check the CPU speed is by going to the 'Systems Properties' tab. Right click the 'Start' button or right click 'My Computer' icon on the desktop. Then again right click on 'Properties' button. The speed will be available in the 'General' tab.
Step 3
A third option is through the Direct X Diagnostic Tool. Do this by clicking on the 'Start' button and then click 'Run'. When the dialog box comes up, type 'DXDiag' and then click on 'Ok'. You will then get to know the speed of the CPU on the 'system' tab.
Step 4
using the Windows Performance tool to access the speed of the computer’s speed, you need to do it on a computer which supports ACPI processor performance. To do so, click on 'Start', and then 'Run'. A dialog box will come up, type in that 'perform' and then 'Ok'. Put the default counters off. On the chart, use right click and then again click on 'Add Counters' button. Then again click on 'Processor Performance' when the object box comes up. On the counter list, click on % of Maximum Frequency, then add it by clicking on it. You will get a main window pop up in which the speed of the CPU will be available.
Step 5
Another way to find out is going to the System Information utility. First, click on the ‘Start' button, and run the utility. Then in the dialog box, type in 'Msinfo32' and click 'Ok'. What will come up is a System Information window. You will get to see the CPU speed on the System Summary tab. It will be seen under the Processor item.
Step 6
Many software companies offer free programs in which the correct of the CPU speed is evaluated. You can download these programs from the internet and install it on your computer. This is a longer process to choose, as the other options are available, why not use those.