How to clean an lcd tv screen

Level of difficulty: Easy

The age of cathode ray tube television screens have passed, the launch of the new era TV screens are now picking up trends. The LCD television screens are very popular and most of the people are replacing the old CRT screen. These are not only light weight but also offer the viewers with a large view and excellent color quality. LCD screens are very sensitive as they are composed of the liquid crystals that have some light modulating properties. These crystal molecules compose the thin film and make the TV screen really sensitive and thus cleaning them not only become necessary but also requires a careful approach.

Materials Needed:
- Soft cloth and careful cleaning.
Step 1
LCD TV screens can be cleaned daily top increase their prolonged existence and thus one can regularly de-dust them.
Step 2
While removing dust it should be taken in mind that these television monitors are susceptible to many things and thus even a rough cleaning will render them non functional.
Step 3
Most of the manufactures and the distributors suggest cleaning them with soft materials. Usually cotton and soft lint free fabrics can be used. They are soft and thus do not pose any problem to the screen.
Step 4
People usually make a mistake of cleaning them with normal tap water. This is a big mistake as the tap water contains a lot of chlorides and other hard water elements. This usually destroys the screen and thus one should never use tap water.
Step 5
To give a wet cleaning it is best advice to use the distilled water. This is water form is considered pure and does not contains harmful elements that can destroy the screen.
Step 6
Apart from this the use of cheap and low quality cleaning solutions is also not recommended. One can buy those superior quality LCD TV cleaning kits. They are not only safe for the monitor but also are not posing a threat to sensitive TV crystal film.
Step 7
The other great cleaning agent is the isopropyl alcohol. One can either use it by placing one to two drops on a clean soft cloth or then clean or may even choose to work with a one to one ration of alcohol and distilled water.
Step 8
While cleaning an individual should never press too hard over the TV screen else it will rupture the screen and make it dysfunctional.