How to burn mp3 cd

Level of difficulty: Easy

If you burn an MP3 CD, it can hold about 150 songs, that is much more than the standard CD, it holds most about 20 songs. With an MP3 CD, you can enjoy the pleasure of listening to varieties of songs without changing CD’s.  You will need simple things like iTunes, a computer, a CD burner and a blank disc.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized Software
Step 1
Before you start burning the MP3 CD, create a playlist. You can do that by choosing your songs. More than 12 hours of music can be stored in one CD, on a CD-R disc of 650 MB. The size of the selected playlist can be viewed at the bottom of the iTunes window.
Step 2
The burning process starts by selecting the MP3 CD. Click on the Menu, then Edit, from there to Preferences, then Advanced, and Burning.
Step 3
Choose the MP3 CD as the Disc Format, click on Ok.
Step 4
Now you have to select the playlist that you want burned onto the CD, make a checkmark besides each song that you want burned onto the CD.
Step 5
Now put a blank disc in the disc drive, click on the Burn Disc option which is at the bottom of the iTunes window.
Step 6
Now the burning process will start and the MP3 CD will start burning.  You can choose the option of burning it at medium speed to be sure that the CD is burnt well without flaws.  It will take a few minutes before the process is over. An indication will pop up when the burning process is over.
Step 7
Insert the freshly burned MP3 CD into the drive again and try it out to see whether the burning process was a success.
Step 8
Another option of choosing songs to make an MP3 CD is choosing songs from different CD’s of your choice and compiling all your favorite songs together, that saves the trouble of changing CD’s frequently.