How to Make a Desktop Wallpaper

Level of difficulty: Easy

Personalize your computer or workstation desktop by making desktop wallpapers and posting it to reflect your moods, interests and personality. Desktop Wallpapers can be anything, from pictures of yourself, family, friends, favorite celebrities, movies, objects, places, works of art, or splashes and shades of favorite colors.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Windows Operating System (OS)
- selected image or photo to be made into a Desktop Wallpaper
- Internet connection to browse for an intended Desktop Wallpaper (optional)
Step 1
Select a picture. Choose an image or photo among the personal files inside the computer or visit a virus-free website of selected field of interest and browse for a prospective image to become the desktop wallpaper.
Step 2
Create or choose an existing folder. It is recommended that the images to be used as the wallpaper are sorted in a separate folder. This makes changing the wallpaper easier. Choose a file name for the folder that will be easy to remember.
Step 3
If the image or photo selected is found within the computer, open the file and right click on the image. Select the 'copy' option and 'paste' the image inside the folder for the desktop wallpapers.
Step 4
Choose the image to be placed as the desktop wallpaper. Right click the image and select the option 'save image as' from the drop down menu. Rename the image file as 'JPEG Image' or 'BMP'.
Step 5
Click on the image that has been chosen as the desktop wallpaper and right click on the image. Choose the option 'Set as Desktop Background' from the drop down menu. Close all open windows and check to see if the desktop wallpaper has changed.
Step 6
Right click on the desktop and choose 'Properties'. Choose the 'Desktop' option and choose from default images or other settings to configure the wallpaper desktop.
Step 7
Search for the wallpaper folder by selecting either the 'Up One Level' button or arrow up icon on the top, the destination column on the left or the scroll down button on the 'Look In' prompt. Pick the desktop wallpaper to change the wallpaper of the desktop.
Step 8
Choose one of the three wallpaper positions by scrolling down through the 'Position' button. Select appropriate position with regard to your desktop wallpaper size, screen resolution size and visual preference to set appearance of the wallpaper on the desktop.