How to Remove the Laptop Keyboard

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Removing the keyboard of a laptop is necessary if it is old or broken. The removal of the keyboard is also done for other fixture purposes. There are essential procedures to follow in the removal of the laptop’s keyboard. These procedures are necessary to avoid damaging the laptop during the process. There are also different kinds and models of laptops. Different laptop manufacturers have different ways of placing the keyboard on the system board. These methods of removing the keyboard may not be applicable or somehow different to other brands of laptops.

Materials Needed:
- Laptop
- flat head screwdriver
- Phillips head screwdriver
Step 1
Turn off the laptop if it is running. Removing the keyboard while the laptop is running may cause accidents.
Step 2
Determine the location of the keyboard cover. This is a plate for covering the screws of the keyboard. The keyboard cover usually contains LED lights indicating if the laptop is running or charging. It is commonly located on the top of the keyboard and just below the monitor.
Step 3
You can remove the cover by using a flathead screwdriver. Place the screwdriver in the right slot. Use the screwdriver as a lever to pull up the keyboard cover. There may be cases when the cover is attached to the hinge cover. There are screws attaching the keyboard cover to the hinge cover. Unfasten each screw at the back of the computer. Do this before pulling up the cover with the use of flathead screwdriver.
Step 4
The screws holding the keyboard on the holding board will be visible after removing the cover. There may be 3 to 4 screws holding the keyboard in place. Carefully remove each screw using the screwdriver. Place these screws into different containers assigned for each of the screw slot. This is because sometimes, the screws are different in size from one another.
Step 5
Gently lift the keyboard in the direction of the laptop screen. This is to view all the wires and cable connected to the keyboard and the system board.
Step 6
Properly remove the data cable from the motherboard. Do this by gently pulling on the cable plug in a vertical direction.
Step 7
Look for other wires attaching the keyboard to the laptop after removing the data cable. Remove these other wires properly from the system board.
Step 8
Lift the keyboard from the laptop completely. Make sure there are no wires connecting the keyboard and the system board before completely removing the keyboard.