How to become a programmer

Level of difficulty: Hard

If you want to take programming as your career, then it is well suitable for you as this occupation is much needed and the job is satisfactory with good pay and along with that you can have fun.

Materials Needed:
- Programming skills
Step 1
There are universities and technical schools and colleges where you can start learning programming. To make this your career, you need a bachelor’s degree. That is if you want a guaranteed employment and a higher salaried job and advancement in your career.
Step 2
You have to think of what sort of program language you want to pursue, it might take you 7 to 21 days. For using the program in an effective way, it will take some time to grasp it. It is a process which builds up your skills everyday.
Step 3
There are different programming fields, and you could program in different levels, such as being a web programmer, distributed applications programmers, library/Platform/Framework/Core Programmers, system Programmers, etc. Keeping your interest in mind, and what stream you want to follow, you pick out that particular program.
Step 4
Video games are very popular and enjoyed both by kids and adults. Programming games is interesting and many people opt for this option.
Step 5
You should love programming as a good programmer should love his profession. Get experience from people in the same field. As you learn, the better you get. Once you are skilled with the basics, get yourself an internship or a part time job, and use the skills. Programming video games is very different than playing video games; it is closer to programming an operating system like windows.
Step 6
Since this is a very interesting job, nearly everyone wants to try their hands at this, making the market competitive. Excel if you want to make it big.
Step 7
Programming is more about what your thoughts are, not about whether you can express those thoughts or not in C++ or Java, or on a PC. It is simply just another language that you have to learn. If you are interested in the web, then learn PHP, JavaScript, Flash. Learning assemble language it has certain techniques, so surely learn it. It helps to write coding and aids in debugging. Skills such as math, logic, English and verbal and writing should be mastered for people in this field.
Step 8
To get information, you can access the net as well as books. Do grab every opportunity to grab whatever information you can get that will make you a good programmer.