How to cite a webpage

Level of difficulty: Easy

These days more and more people are turning towards the Internet. Especially the student section has lot to do with proper citing of a web page as they look for precise and accurate information on the web sites. To avoid any fret while surfing a web page it is becoming important to cite pages correctly. Every section of internet surfers should have knowledge of citing pages they are accessing in right manner. Wrong listing of the web page will make one frustrated and one can lose interest in finding specific web page.

Materials Needed:
- A computer System and the Internet Connection.
Step 1
A user should do a bit of homework while looking for a specific web page in the internet. A wrong search with improper keyword combination will frustrate one badly. So gather the information regarding the page before one sit on the net. This includes name of the author, editor names, form name, URL name with appropriate spellings. Check the forward and backward slashes properly in the URL. If one thinks that he/she require this page in the future as well one can bookmark that page for the future use for a default browser.
Step 2
User must cite the web page in ordered manner, according to the information one has gathered: publisher name, editor name, name of the database, book title, project name, date one has accessed the page and the URL typed properly in the address bar.
Step 3
Type the full title of the web page. Type the title in italics and place a period after it. Write the author’s last name followed by the first name after a comma.
Step 4
Date of publication should be listed in parentheses. Type 'n.d' if the date of publication is not known. Precede the date with a dot after the parenthesis.
Step 5
Mention the date in which one accessed the web page. This should be followed by the 'Retrieved' keyword. The date should be in the format month, day, year and must end with a comma.
Step 6
Type 'from' and then write the URL of the web page.
Step 7
One must ensure that the citation is single-spaced, the bunch of keyword should be written in double quotes followed a period then the URL of the page followed by the date in proper dd-mm-yy format. The final full URL with Sub-domain should be braced in angled brackets (<,>).