How to Uninstall the ATI 9800 Pro Video Driver

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The ATI 9800 PRO video driver consists of four (4) components: the Display Driver, the Control Panel, the CATALYST Control Center, and the WDM Capture driver. To ensure that these are properly uninstalled, the uninstall software utility from ATI will be used. The conventional way of doing this will be through the Windows Add or Remove Programs utility and through the Device Manager.

Materials Needed:
- One MS Windows System with the Installed Set of ATI 9800 Pro Video Hardware Device and Driver Software
Step 1
Start Add or Remove Programs by clicking Start > Control Panel. Search for Add or Remove Programs among the icons. Double-click this icon to launch the utility. Wait for the programs to load then proceed to the next step.
Step 2
The right hand pane of the applet lists the currently installed programs in the system. There will be several entries with ATI in the list. The entry of interest would be the ATI – Software Uninstall Utility. Click this item then click Change/Remove.
Step 3
The ATI Software Uninstall Wizard will appear. This applet is used for uninstalling the relevant software applications. When the current drivers are already uninstalled, an information window will pop up and will prompt for a system reboot. Reboot the system.
Step 4
After the system successfully boots up, start Add or Remove Programs. This time, check for other ATI software applications remaining on the list. If there are other ATI software applications in the list, click on that item then click Change/Remove. Follow the wizard again until the software applications have been completely uninstalled. This might require a reboot once again.
Step 5
Repeat Step 4 for each ATI software in the programs list that remains after every uninstall process. After all the ATI software applications are removed, proceed to the next step.
Step 6
Another application must be uninstalled after the ATI software has been removed. Launch the Windows Add or Remove Programs utility again, but look for an entry labeled 'DAO' this time around. Click on that item then click Change/Remove. Follow the succeeding instructions to uninstall this software. Reboot after the program has been uninstalled.
Step 7
Open Windows Device Manager to ensure that the video driver is not in the system anymore. Go to Control Panel and look for the System icon. Double click this icon to launch System Properties. Click Device Manager in the Hardware tab.
Step 8
Any ATI driver must not be present under Display adapters. Right click on it and select Uninstall if there are ATI device drivers under this. A warning will pop up alerting the user of the changes. Click OK to proceed with uninstalling the device. A system reboot may be required after the process has been completed.