How to clean your plasma screen

Level of difficulty: Easy

Gone are the times when cathode ray monitors were in demand. The science and technology has evolved at such tremendous speed that even the television and computer screens have been modernized. The launch of plasma screens has surpassed the use of all other types of monitors and this technology is also better because it offers an excellent display. Plasma screens are fabricated of the noble gas molecules which will emit the ultraviolet radiations on electrical switching on to excite the phosphorous that will finally emit visible light.

Materials Needed:
- Precautions against using some fluids and liquids.
Step 1
Plasma screens are very sensitive and the first instruction to be followed while cleaning is that they should never be cleaned with solutions or liquids that are containing ammonia as this will destroy the functioning of the plasma screen.
Step 2
While cleaning these screen one can make use of the soft cloth to de-dust the regularly.
Step 3
The use of soft cloth like cotton and microfiber materials is recommended as they absorb the dust efficiently and also they do not leave any kind of scratches over the screen.
Step 4
The use of abrasive fabrics like silk, nylon and other synthetic stuff is to be strictly prohibited as they are abrasive and are rough. They can make the surface of screen full of scratches and also can rupture the gas molecules and film of the screen.
Step 5
Wet cleaning can also be done. One can dab few drops of water over the soft cloth and then clean the surface and the other edges of the screen.
Step 6
While cleaning an individual should also not press hard over the monitor as this will lead to malfunctioning and destruction of the sensitive screen molecules.
Step 7
Another precaution while clean-up process is that when an individual is wiping near the control keys he or she needs to be careful that they do not press to hash on those as it will make the sensitivity of the control keys to be lost.
Step 8
While opting for some cleaning solution it is always recommended to refer the monitor manual because it contains all details about how to clean, what to use and what not to be used while cleaning.
Step 9
Apart from this separate plasma cleaning kits are also available in markets. They can be easily purchased from the electrical showrooms and the ones that are dealing with such accessories.
Step 10
To remove the dust one can make use of the hose of the vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust but do it very gently.