How to clean a computer keyboard

Level of difficulty: Easy

Keyboard is a widely used computer input device which has the arrangement of keys or buttons that works like electronic switches or like mechanical levers. The keyboard is used for typing numbers, texts in programs like word processors, text editors etc. Keyboards get untidy very easily. Cleaning a keyboard is must as it does not only make it dirt free but would also prevent spread of diseases through germs. It would also ensure that the keyboard will last for years.

Materials Needed:
- Lint free cloth
- duster or dry cloth
- Computer cleaning compound
- cotton bud
- compressed air can
- flat tip of a screwdriver.
Step 1
The first step is to unplug computer and remove the keyboard from the computer. This step will prevent any kind of accidental electrical shocks while cleaning the keyboard.
Step 2
One needs to hold keyboard upside down & shake it off couple of times so that any loose particles between the buttons can fall off. If keys are pressed while keyboard is in this position, it will help in clearing out debris too.
Step 3
Now, a can of compressed air is used to remove any debris around or under the keys. If the can of compressed air is not available then one can also use a vacuum cleaner to take out the debris. One needs to be extra careful while using vacuum as it may damage the buttons/keys.
Step 4
Put couple of drops of cleaning solution on cotton buds. These buds can be used to clean the corners of the buttons for sticky residue.
Step 5
Once the sides of the buttons are cleaned, take cloth (lint free) & dampen the cloth with cleaning fluid. This cloth can be used to wipe off the surface of keyboard including keys. Make sure that cleaning solution is not directly used on the keyboard.
Step 6
If one desires to have thorough cleaning then one can opt to remove keys one after another. Small screwdriver is required to detach the keys one by one (note the placement of keys). Keys like space bar or return key need not to be removed as they are hard to replace. Once the keys are removed, then the keyboard can be cleaned with the moist cloth. Now reattach all the keys at their proper positions. (Make sure that keys are dry)
Step 7
Dry cloth or feather duster can be used to clean the underside or exterior of the keyboard. Tighten the loose screws with screwdriver if required.
Step 8
Now the keyboard can be attached to its port. Boot up computer. Check whether all the keys are functioning properly.