How to build a flash website

Level of difficulty: Moderate.

Advanced flash websites incorporate various features like loading flash animation that displays the progress of a loading website, flash effects etc.. The flash features should be used sparingly on any website since they can take unnecessary long loading time but once the loading is complete and you start using it, you are bound to feel it worthy. The steps might sound a bit challenging but actually it is not like that. It is relatively easy with few steps. All that is needed is the required software (Dreamweaver CS3), a flash file with the extension .flv and some basic knowledge of web design and server space.

Materials Needed:
- required software (Dreamweaver CS3)
- a flash file with the extension .flv and some basic knowledge of web design and server space.
Step 1
The first thing to be done is click the advanced tab from the option 'New Site' in Dreamweaver.
Step 2
Fill in the site name and the local root folder which is the path name of where you would like the web pages to reside on the desktop. The name of the URL where the website will reside on the server has to be entered.
Step 3
Select the directory where the images are expected to reside and click OK.
Step 4
Choose the file, open it and choose the web page where the flash video is preferred to appear on. Position the cursor in the in the place within the web page where you would like the video to appear.
Step 5
Select the option FLV from Media. Immediately, a pop-up screen appears before you.
Step 6
Click the browse button and locate the FLV file you would like to appear on the web page.
Step 7
Leave the default settings for entire options and then click OK. The software will begin writing and inserting the appropriate code into the required web page.
Step 8
Put your code and files on your web server.
Step 9
Then point your browser to the appropriate URL and finally you get to see the flash file on your web page. The step to build a flash website by inserting a flash video is complete.
Step 10
Flash is for the regular use in the world of animation. It supports flow of audio and videos in both the directions. So basically there is certain difference in quality of a normal website and a flash website. These websites can display still images as well as moving texts. So friends, this is it. Now it is your turn to experience it and develop your knowledge with building a flash website.