How to access the internet

Level of difficulty: Easy

An internet can be said to be interconnectivity between two or more than two computers among various networks present all over the world. Be it communication, data retrieval or data publishing- internet is always there at your service. Internet access is the process through which the users connect to the internet. There has been a rapid increase in the use of the internet for the last fifteen years generally due to its immense innovative use for business apart from the research and education sectors. Besides accessing from residence, there are cyber cafes available, where computers with internet connections are at your service.

Materials Needed:
- (ISP)
- e-mail program
- web browser.
Step 1
Speaking of the types of connections, there are various methods of internet access like dial up or landline.
Step 2
Even there are other new options available like wi-fi or even cell phones. It is through Wi-fi that we can have access without wires to the computer networks.
Step 3
Broadband possess a very high data transfer rates and generally without hampering telephone use. To be precise, four basic ingredients are needed to access the internet-
Step 4
A) There are hundreds of small or large companies which act as an internet service provider (ISP) and allow access to the internet in lieu of a nominal number of notes from your wallet.
Step 5
B) Varying with the type of service, one will be requiring the hardware called MODEM for connection. The slow speed dial up connection requires an analog modem while for DSL, its the responsibility of the provider.
Step 6
C) To view a web page, the user must use a special client software package called web browser. A web browser acts as an intermediary between the client and the server. There are lots of choices available for the users. All you need to do is just launch the web browser and enjoy hackle free web surfing.
Step 7
D) Last but not the least is the e-mail program. Every computer is provided with an e-mail program to send and receive mail. So, life has become much more easy for us as outlook, mail and others are the there to provide us with the service of composing, replying and forwarding our messages, that too in the blink of an eye.