How to clean your registry

Level of difficulty: Difficult

Registry is a database in Windows and it provides information regarding the configuration of the computer. A registry can have thousands of entries and every time you use windows, new entries are created. When you use Windows, the registry keeps on growing and then it collects and becomes information which is unnecessary and more and more data keeps on building up, cluttering the computer space, which makes the performance of the computer slow and then all the software problems take place. Clean your registry with a registry cleaning program. But remember that this is not without risks as this is a sensitive area of your computer. If you try to manually edit your registry you might get some errors and it will be impossible to load Windows. Some registry programs delete important files which are required. So be careful how you do it.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
While installing the software for cleaning registry, the software’s unique feature monitors the Windows registry during the installation of the software that helps you to check the Windows registry.
Step 2
The Registry Cleaning Software scans and finds the unwanted information that is stored and fixes it by deleting it and this makes the performance of your computer faster and error free.
Step 3
There is a backup and restore function tool which helps you to back up your Windows Registry so that if there is any sort of failure, you can restore your Windows Registry to the current status.
Step 4
A built in program is present in Windows for editing the registry, it is called regedit.exe and you can use it, go to the 'Start' menu, click on 'Run', and type the name of the program. It is difficult to use though easy to get access. The Registry entries have long names and it is difficult to understand what it means. Wait for specific instructions, then delete or alter an entry don’t experiment with regedit.exe.
Step 5
Find a program that suits your needs, and then check for their reviews on ZDNet, PC World or PC Magazine. You don’t have to run this software more than once in a month, use a disk defrag program that will give you more performance boost.
Step 6
To get a faster and cleaner system, use Registry cleaning software that will help get rid of all the unwanted files and give you more space.