How to Use Microsoft Publisher 2003

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

This software package is considered as a printing and desktop publishing program that provides the user with an array of tools that can create anything from greeting cards to Web-based materials with an accompanying wizard. Equipped with a familiar interface, a user can precisely lay out text, forms, graphics, and other objects based on a pre-designed template or a unique user design. The documents created with the Publisher can be hosted in either a printing device or formatted for the Internet supported by a wide array of sub-types that make the creation process faster. It features a specialized editing mode that features support tools for commercial printing as well as possible Web elements that will facilitate the design of the final output.

Materials Needed:
- Microsoft Publisher
- Microsoft Windows Operating System
- printer
Step 1
To create a document, launch the Microsoft Publisher program.
Step 2
Click on the File Menu and select the 'New' option. This will cause the display of the New Publication task pane. Select the type of publication from the design list of the program.
Step 3
Expand the list so that the display design categories are visible. Another option is the use of the Quick Designs preview gallery that will display the available designs for the chosen publication.
Step 4
Scroll down the list and select for example the Newsletter category. This will provide a preview of the Newsletter design using thumbnails. Choose from the gallery and once an appropriate design is found, click on it.
Step 5
The program may prompt the user to type in personal information which may be included automatically into every publication that will be made. The information may be edited later or skipped altogether depending on the user’s preference.
Step 6
The publication is then shown in the main window of the software. The design options available for the chosen publication become visible in the Task Pane. A particular option chosen will display to the user how it is applied to the publication in real time. This preview feature allows the user to see how the final output will be. Using the 'Undo' option will remove any applied option. The 'Undo' button can be found under the 'Standard' toolbar.
Step 7
Proceed by choosing the Color Schemes for the chosen publication. Same with the other options, the user has the convenience of seeing the final output to help in deciding the most appropriate scheme for the publication.
Step 8
The font scheme for the included text as well as the required graphics may be edited by the user accordingly. Any unwanted modifications may be removed by clicking on the Undo button. Every option can be reviewed in real time.
Step 9
Once all objects are in accordance with the preference of the user, save the publication by clicking on the 'File' Menu and choosing the 'Save' option. The final design can now be directed to the printing device or published on the Internet.