How To Install a Rar File

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Consistent with other archive formats, the RAR file may contain one of more files within a single file. It may also represent an archive which is part of a bigger volume that is intended to minimize the storage space occupied by computer files based on a specific mathematical algorithm. Developed and introduced by the Russian Eugene Roshal, the RAR (Roshal Archive) makes use of a compression method that is about eight to 30 percent smaller in size compared with the more popular ZIP format archive but may take a longer compression time to produce the smaller file size. This archive format also incorporates redundancy methods that allows for the repairing of damaged archive files. This includes the support for non-English character sets which produces non-conventional filenames. There are currently no Operating System platforms that have built-in support algorithms for this archive format which is why users need to acquire the WinRar software or its corresponding freeware utility.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Archive utility supporting Rar format
- ActiveSync program
Step 1
The first step in installing a Rar archive file is to download the necessary utility. Launch the Web browser and search for an archive tool which supports the format or go to the WinRar website and pay for a registered version of the software.
Step 2
Upon completion of the download and installation of the archive tool, execute the program. Open the Rar format file that you intend to install.
Step 3
Once the Rar archive has been successfully opened, you need to extract its contents into the hard drive before they can become usable. For Microsoft Windows based computer systems, click on the Extract button or drag the contents of the archive to another folder. The destination folder must be open in the Explorer window. This will cause the contents to be decompressed and ready for use.
Step 4
For machines running under the Mac OS platform, StuffIt provides the Quick Look feature which provides the user with a preview of the contents of the archive. The user has the option of extracting all or only specific contents to the hard drive where they can be usable.
Step 5
For Linux platform computer systems, via terminal window. Type in the sudo apt-get install rar command and press the Enter key. Type in the sudo ln -fs /usr/bin/rar /usr/bin/unrar command and press the Enter key.
Step 6
Click on the Applications option of the Gnome menu and navigate to the Accessories. Click the Archive Manager to see the extracted contents of the Rar file.
Step 7
The Rar file format is also used for applications that are running under the Windows Mobile platform. To install these types of files, first extract the contents of the archive into the computer’s hard drive using the necessary utility.
Step 8
Once all contents have been extracted, launch the ActiveSync application to transfer the setup files onto the mobile device.
Step 9
When the file has been successfully transferred, the installation process will begin automatically. Simply follow the prompts to complete the installation process.