How to clear RAM

Level of difficulty: Easy

Random Access Memory (RAM) performs as volatile storage memory for the computer for storing open programs on the system. Sometimes Computer RAM bogs down if we opened multiple applications at the same time as RAM has a small storage space unlike Hard drive. When all the memory is in use the computer slows down. This results in hanging the system sometimes. Many users think the only way to clear RAM is by restarting the system which usually works, but there is a much quicker way to achieve this as well.

Materials Needed:
- A computer system with running Windows in it.
Step 1
Restart the computer to erase the RAM memory. RAM is a volatile memory means as soon as one turns off the system the RAM gets free from the applications currently running on the system and again turning on the system resets the RAM again.
Step 2
One can also clear the RAM memory by running the disk cleanup service. Many unwanted temporary file stored on the computer memory. Usually these files occupy the memory space when a new program is installed in the computer. After some period of time the gradual increase of these files start to slow down the efficiency of the computer. Go to 'start' menu then 'All Programs', 'Accessories' and then 'System Tools'. Here select the 'Disk Cleanup' option to clear the hard disk temporary files.
Step 3
Defragmentation of hard drive is one more method to clear the hard drive. Defragmenting the hard drive moves the files to efficient spot and also organizes the memory in memory in ordered manner. It also clears the temporary files which are not in use. Go to 'Start' menu then 'All Programs' – 'System Tools' and select 'Defragmenter' option to start defragmentation of the hard drive.
Step 4
One method to clear the usable memory is by clearing the background applications. Many background programs keep on running in the background of a computer with which we are unfamiliar. Some background services are necessary to help running the Operating System but some application installation include extra unwanted programs. So one got to delete these extra files from the system. Go to 'Start' and select 'Run' option. Type the keyword 'msconfig' in the text entry area and click 'OK'. Select the Selective Startup option from the 'General' tab. By clicking on the 'Startup' tab one will find all the programs that startup and run in the backyard every time one starts the computer. Some of these applications are not required. Uncheck the unwanted applications like AOL, iTunes, etc. Ensure C:WINDOWS\System files to run only. Restart the system to complete the process.