How to change the keyboard language

Level of difficulty: Easy

Keyboard is the prime tool of communication through internet. Many people are not aware of the fact that it is possible to change keyboard language. Some people who are aware of this feature do not know how to change the language of a keyboard. It is a very easy step by step procedure.

Materials Needed:
- In order to change keyboard language one needs to have a computer and keyboard. Apart from these
- slight knowledge of control panel will be quite helpful in such a process.
Step 1
The first step in modifying keyboard language is to go to start button that shall open a menu. On this menu, one needs to click the option of Control Panel.
Step 2
After going to the Control Panel option, one needs to click Regional and Language icons which shall lead users to a dialog box. After doing this step one is really close in his process to change the language of keyboard.
Step 3
The dialog box that pops out on clicking Regional and Language icons shows 3 tabs to users. The middle tab that shows Languages is to be clicked by users.
Step 4
After the user has clicked this middle tab, he needs to click Details button. This Details button is placed on the upper half of Languages tab. After clicking Details tab, a new dialog box opens up.
Step 5
When this new dialog box appears, there is an Add button on the bottom half of the tab that needs to be clicked. After clicking this Add button, it opens to a new dialog box again.
Step 6
Once this new window opens up, there is a title called Input Language. This Input Language title is clearly visible on the upper half of the screen. This title has a Combo under its heading from where one needs to select an appropriate language. After selecting a suitable language, the user needs to click OK. The user needs to remember that OK should be clicked twice.
Step 7
Once OK has been clicked twice, users can see System Tray in the bottom right corner of screen. This indicates the present language that is being used. For instance, EN stands for English. This means the screen shall show this symbol to users while using this language. There are different languages that one can install to enable them to present data in any language they want. One can easily switch to another language.