How to check web speed

Level of difficulty: Difficult

There are number of techniques available for testing the speed of internet & for bandwidth measurement. Two methods are there. One is the pathchar method which is based on 1 packet model and the other one is packet pair model. This model puts lesser overhead as compared to the first model. In theory one can use the 1 or 2 packet technique in order to know the internet speed. This can give a good estimate for checking the bandwidth. A stepwise model is always advised as it gives an estimate of bandwidth and the subsequent traffic is also maintained accordingly. One can use the multi packet technique in order to avoid packet filtering which helps in measuring the internet speed accurately.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- internet connection
Step 1
Traffic shaping- Broadband test: In order to know the broadband speed, this method takes in account the (traffic shaping) ATM. It regulates the traffic flow in order to achieve better networking. The basic concept of using it is that it controls the delay and entry of packets into network. This ensures a consistent flow in the network.
Step 2
Two steps needs to be performed during the speed test. This can be used both for upstream and downstream bandwidth measurements. The traffic generated should be smooth rather than the heavier. This is done to avoid the excessive ATM traffic. The stepwise measurement runs many times before & it reports maximum values measured as link bandwidth. During the first step, small no (number) of packets are sent in order one by one from client to server. The number of packets will not affect the ATM traffic as most of the networks (ATM) are capable to manage the small bursts. The result is utilized in the second step for trial in xDsl link.The further steps for calculating the internet speed is that it assumes xDsl is accurate and is closer to the result (trial) obtained earlier i.e. in the first step.Large number of packets is utilized in the first step in order to ensure convergent & consistent results. The considerable delay due to the ATM traffic can provide inaccurate speed results for internet. In order to test the internet speed, one can do Google search and perform the internet speed test. There can be many other reasons for the slow performance of the computer like malware, spyware or other infections (these infections can also be tested for free by searching online).