How to change default internet browser

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The default web browser of a computer is that application that will be used automatically to access internet in case any other application is not being used for the same purpose. There are mainly two web browsers that are being used more or less by everyone. These are the Internet Explorer and the Netscape Communicator. Both of these have their own pros and cons and users generally switch between these for various reasons.

Materials Needed:
- One needs to have the internet access from the system on which the web browser needs to be changed. The computer should have Microsoft notepad as well. And most important of all the web browsers among which the changes are to be made.
Step 1
If one is presently using the Netscape Communicator and desires to switch to the Microsoft Internet Explorer then the following steps can be taken. Make sure there is Internet Explorer installed on the system. Open it.
Step 2
In the window that opens for the Microsoft Internet Explorer you will find a menu bar on the top. Locate the Tools menu from it and click on it. After clicking a drop down menu will appear out of which you will have to select the Internet Options, which can be very easily located.
Step 3
When the Internet Options is selected a window appears. On this window you will find a Programs tab, select this tab.
Step 4
There will be a checkbox with an option saying ‘Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser’, check it and select ok.
Step 5
Close the Internet Explorer and reopen it. This time a message box will appear asking you if you want Internet Explorer to be your default browser. Click on yes and make Internet Explore your default browser.
Step 6
If you want to make the change otherwise then try to find where the Netscape Communicator is installed and in that folder there will be a file ‘prefs.js’. Open this file in the notepad.
Step 7
Now when you will launch the Netscape Communicator a window will appear asking you if you want to make it your default web browser or not. Click on the yes button. This will now make the Netscape Communicator your default web browser instead of the Internet Explorer.