How to convert divx to dvd

Level of difficulty: Easy

DIVX is popular due to its capability to compress lengthy videos into small sizes and at the same time maintaining high visual quality. DIVX uses MPEG-4 compression, where quality is fine even against large size of the file. Converting DIVX into DVD format is a popular format as you can view these DVDs on a computer as it has high compression rate. The converted copy has very good features and quality is high too, and it takes up less space in the hard drive. You will get a step by step guide to convert DIVX into DVD format. There are software’s which can convert and burn video files from multimedia files to DVD format. It can be done in an easy process.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
There are high speed converting encoders available which make it easier to convert video files with high speed. You can burn DVDs from a wide range of video file formats giving high quality output, and having multiple options. After burning, you can watch them at home.
Step 2
Download ConvertX software to convert DIVX into DVD mode.
Step 3
Using ConvertX software, conversion can be done on all the videos and burn them to DVD. This software supports most video and audio formats for conversion.
Step 4
This software supports different languages too such as Dutch, French, English, German, Arabic, etc. You can choose any language you desire and click on 'Settings>Language'.
Step 5
Then add the video file by browsing 'File->Add video file'. To customize background image, you set the title and item fonts, changing the title name from DVD to the name you choose. The 'video preview' window will show the effect you set.
Step 6
For subtitles, right click on 'Subtitle Stream', and choose 'ADD Subtitle channel'.
Step 7
If you are unable to add the subtitles you have to check and see if your subtitle file and video file are together in one folder. Choose a similar name for that folder. You can segregate it by adding chapters, click on 'Add chapter'. To rename it, click on 'Menu text'.
Step 8
To burn the DVD, use the option 'Burn result to DVD' or use the manual method of burning. Go to select 'Action>Burn DVD'. Then choose the VIDEO_TS folder, use a blank DVD and the burning process will start in about 15 seconds.