How to burn mp4 to dvd

Level of difficulty: Easy

If videos and movies are encoded in the MP4 format, you definitely get good quality video. However, the sad part is it can usually be watched on computer only. If the video is burnt to a DVD which can be played in the DVD player at home, it becomes more convenient. If you simply copy the data file to the DVD, there is a high possibility that your DVD player would not recognize it. The file should be first converted to a usable format so that the DVD player can read it and you can view the contents on the player. The thing which you need for this process is DVD authoring software.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Here are few easy steps to help you burn MP4 files onto DVD. First install DVD authoring software. It can be Nero Vision or Roxio Creator or some other which you find useful. As the program loads, start a new project by using the Make DVD option. The software might give you different options like DVD Video, DVD Data and Editable DVD. Select the DVD Video option. Now go to the Add Video Files option when the authoring software of the DVD asks to choose a video source for the DVD. You will see the menu which will open up so that you can select a file. Now go to the location of the MP4 file which you want to burn to your disc. Select the file and then hit the OK button. If you are willing to add multiple files to the DVD, either repeat the process for each of them or else hold down the Ctrl button when you are selecting each file. As you finish, click the Next button or some other button that your software features which will take you to the next step.
Step 2
Now create your DVD menu on the menu screen of the DVD software. You may design the menu in a way you want it to appear on the TV screen, for example, you may add different backgrounds and texts to make it visually pleasing. As you finish, hit the button which will take you to the preview screen. See that the menu has the visual effect which you wanted to create. If you are satisfied, insert the DVD burner and hit the button to commence the burning process. As the burning gets completed, it will automatically come out. Your DVD is ready for watching!