How to clean computer cds

Level of difficulty: Easy

Usually while playing any CD, we face the deterioration in the audio quality of the CD or the CD skips. It is a clear indication that the CD needs to be cleaned properly. It is worst to clean the CD by rubbing it either on pant leg or on the shirt. The CD’s can be cleaned easily however it can also be damaged easily if the cleaning is not done in the correct manner.

Materials Needed:
- Alcohol
- lint free cloth/ dry cotton cloth
- cleaning solution
Step 1
Before the cleaning process is started, it is important to check if cleaning the CD is actually required. One needs to hold the CD with the forefinger in middle hole and thumb needs to be on the edge. Hold the CD lightly. Take a look at the CD and check whether cleaning is required or not. No need to clean the CD when it is already in order. If the CD looks clean and does not play properly, try to play it on different player.
Step 2
Remove the dust carefully: This step needs to be done carefully as dust (dirt) is abrasive and if the dust is forced on to the CD that would lead to the scratches on the CD. The best and the safest way would be to use the canned air. If canned air is not there then one may use the lint free cloth. Micro fiber cloth can also be used which comes with the binoculars, cameras & eyeglasses. Hold the CD as done before. Move the cloth in the straight line from centre to edge. It needs not to be run in the circular motions as it can leave scratches to the data and ultimately disrupts the data.
Step 3
Isoprophyl alcohol is required to clean the CD: Mix the Isoprophyl alcohol with distilled water (1:1) Take the soft dry lint free cloth or chamois. Put few drops on the cloth and gently clean the surface of the CD, repeat the step until the dust is removed.
Step 4
Gentle detergent (dish detergent) can also be used to clean the CD. Make sure that the dish soap is organic otherwise other soaps have chemicals in it which can damage the CD. Use this method only when there CD is really very dirty.
Step 5
The CD will remain cleaner if it stored in the jewel case. It is important to store the CD properly, do not leave them in the hot cars, or near the heat source like lamps, heaters etc.