How To Reboot a Computer Hard drive

Level of difficulty: Easy

Rebooting a computer hard drive means restarting the computer and reloading the Operating System. The process allows the computer to reset its hardware and hence operate properly anew. One usual reason why a computer reboot is executed is because a newly installed hardware or software requires it. Another common reason is when the computer already fails to respond for one reason or another. Rebooting a computer can be done in two ways, a soft boot or a hard boot. Soft boot is done through the menu option while the hard boot is done by simply pressing once the power button to shut it down and pressing it again to turn it back on. Computer experts claim that the hard boot method often poses risks of losing data or creating a mess-up of some of the programs’ operations. On much larger computers, the term “boot” is equivalent to “initial program load” or IPL and for “reboot”, it is “re-IPL”.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Drive Reboot Restore PC 6.0 (optional)
Step 1
The user may choose between a soft reboot and a hard reboot of the computer. In soft reboot, the user goes to the Start menu and chooses the option 'Shut Down' or Restart'. By clicking on the 'Shut Down' icon, the computer will then shut down by itself while clicking on the 'Restart' icon allows the computer to boot up without the need of any further intervention from the user.
Step 2
The user may also perform a computer reboot through hard reboot. Hard reboot is initiated by pressing on the computer’s power button and keeping a hold on the button until the computer had shut down. The user then has to wait for at least 45 seconds from the time the computer shut down before restarting the computer. The computer can be restarted by again pressing on the power button. The hard reboot may be the only available options for the user in instances were the hard drive is frozen.
Step 3
The user must then perform a power down of every component of the computer by shutting down all peripherals that have been attached to the computer as well as by disconnecting every cable. The user can then plug back all the peripherals to the computer before restarting the computer that could help the user in resolving some hard drive problems.
Step 4
Acquire and install a program that can streamline the hard drive reboot process. One such program is the Drive Reboot Restore PC 6.0 that allows the computer to maintain its configurations and settings every time the user turns on the computer.