How to convert dvd to ipod

Level of difficulty: Easy

A DVD can always be copied onto your I pod and converting it is an easy task and the process is straight. To do the converting, you require some tools; you will have to use a I Pod Converter software, which makes the process of converting very easy. You could also try freeware DVD Decrypter. This is a free software and if you follow these simple steps, you can copy as many DVDs onto the I Pod as you wish. To do the conversion, you have to follow two steps. Firstly you require copying the DVD to a hard drive, thereon converting it to the I Pod in a format which is compatible. Then the contents of this will have to be transferred to your I Pod with I tunes.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Insert your DVD into the DVD drive. Then start to launch the DVD Decrypter. In the Mode Menu, select IFO.
Step 2
Then go to the tools menu and choose 'Settings', and then select IFO Mode tab.
Step 3
Go to the section which shows options, do a click on 'File Splitting'. Then set it to 'None'.
Step 4
Then go to the Stream Processing tab, and do a click. Start the 'Enable Stream Processing'.
Step 5
Mark the video which you select.You will find the destination section at the left hand side, click where you want your files to be kept. Then you click on 'Decrypt', this will take about 20 minutes, so wait and let it complete.
Step 6
Now the next step is to launch the Videora I Pod Converter. You will see on the screen on the main menu, a button 'Convert', click on it. Then the convert section will come up, you will see Video File, click on it. You can either choose Normal Mode or Power Mode.
Step 7
Internet connection will go well with normal mode and inexperienced people can use this mode to make the videos easily. Power mode can be used both when offline and online and for people who are technically sound. The Video file that you want to convert, select it. Go into the output folder and do a click on 'next'.
Step 8
Give a title name to the video, click 'next'.
Step 9
Go to Video Conversion Settings, and change the settings according to video, quality, conversion speed and final size, the settings are to be finalized by you. Then once you are over, click on 'next'.
Step 10
Then click on 'Start converting' button. Then launch it by using I Tunes. Copy the movie or movies from the folder in the computer to your I pod with I tunes.