How to VoIP Multiple Phone

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

There are some people who want to make calls or answer calls with their telephone line in various areas of their home without going to their computers to pick up the telephone. Adding multiple phones to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an easy task since all wirings were already completed when VoIP was originally installed. VoIP systems take up session control protocols to direct the tear-down and set-up of calls and audio codecs, enabling transmission over an Internet Protocol network as digital audio through an audio stream.

Materials Needed:
- Microsoft Windows Operating System
- Phone adapter for multiple phones
Step 1
The first step to VoIP multiple phones is to check your accessible bandwidth using an online testing application. Adding one phone line will require you 90kbs.
Step 2
Go to the website of your VoIP provider and log on. Click on the preference to add a telephone line. You will then be asked to select telephone numbers for your extra lines and what kind of plan you would prefer to have for each line.
Step 3
Check your phone adapter to ensure it is capable of accommodating more than one VoIP line. And if not, purchase a new one in order to accommodate the telephone lines that you will be adding. You can order via your VoIP provider or you can just go to the nearest electronics store to purchase it. You may check over the Internet to help you decide what type of adapter will best suit your need and which store or companies can provide it.
Step 4
Plug your telephone adapter into your Cable or DSL modem box and router. Once you have accomplished that, you can then plug your telephone lines into the phone adapter and your telephones into your jacks. Don’t forget to secure the connection of your adapter and telephone plugs. This will help prevent possible connection problems in the future.
Step 5
Another way to handle this is to buy a cordless phone that has multiple handsets. Through it, you will be able to VoIP multiple phones. Cordless phones with multiple handsets are easy to set up and can be purchased at any stores that sell telephones. All that you have to do with this kind of cordless phone series is to plug in its primary unit with the main base at the broadband phone adapter.