How to Choose a Computer

Level of difficulty: Easy

There are lots of computers available in the market today. Different models of computers are developed for different purposes. There are computers made for gaming, computers for basic use, and computers for professional use. When choosing a computer, take into consideration your purpose for buying the computer.

Materials Needed:
- Budget
Step 1
Before you start comparing computers and start choosing a computer to purchase, set a budget that you want to spend for a new computer. Setting a budget will prevent you from purchasing a computer that is too expensive for you.
Step 2
Determine whether you need a laptop computer or a desktop computer. A laptop computer is handier and is more useful for business environments. You can easily transport the laptop. A desktop computer is suitable if you only need the computer at home.
Step 3
Know what you will use the computer for. You may purchase a computer to play games, for work or simply for home use. This piece of information is crucial as different computers are built for several purposes.
Step 4
Select the Operating System that you want your computer to run on. You may select the Operating System that you are already familiar with.
Step 5
Choose a brand of computer that you want to buy. You might want to compare different brands of computers to help you decide which computer is most suited to your needs.
Step 6
Before going to a computer shop, you might want to compare prices and specifications of different kinds of laptops on the Internet. You can research on the best-selling computers and the kind of computer to purchase for your needs.
Step 7
Take into consideration the RAM of the computer and also the hard drive. Purchase a computer with a lot of hard drive space if you are going to use the computer for games or if you plan to store movies in your computer.
Step 8
Once you have chosen the right computer for you, visit your local computer shop and purchase your computer. If you have not decided on a computer, you might want to ask a computer shop personnel regarding the computer that is just right for your needs.
Step 9
You may also need to purchase other accessories for your new computer, such as speakers, a webcam or a microphone, and a printer.