How to Install Memory on Laptop Computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Installing a new memory, also known as Random Access Memory (RAM) for the laptop is a good way to enhance the speed and maximize performance of the laptop. More programs can also be added and run at the same time when the RAM of the laptop is increased.

Materials Needed:
- laptop
- compatible laptop memory
- screwdriver
- user’s manual
- Internet connection (optional)
Step 1
Check the model and specifications of the laptop. Browse the User’s Manual for the model and the compatible and maximum amount of memory you may install. The specifications of the laptop can also be looked up on the Internet.
Step 2
Check the laptop’s current memory status. Click the 'Start' button on the desktop’s lower left corner and choose 'Control Panel'. Double-click on the 'System' icon and on the 'General Tab', look for the laptop’s memory status located on the lower right.
Step 3
Choose an appropriate and compatible memory to be installed. After determining the amount of memory the laptop currently has and the maximum memory that can be used, decide on the new memory to be installed.
Step 4
Prevent computer static. Remember to touch or rub a metallic surface to get rid of static which can damage the laptop.
Step 5
Shut down the laptop and remove its battery. Simply detach the battery from the laptop. The laptop’s battery is usually located at the laptop’s backside.
Step 6
Search for the memory slot. Turning the laptop upside down, search for the laptop’s memory slot as indicated by a mark or label. Open by using an appropriate screwdriver. Set aside the cover and the screws to prevent from losing them.
Step 7
Remove the memory to be changed. Select the correct memory to be replaced by applying an equal amount of force in detaching it. Set aside.
Step 8
Install the new memory. Attach the replacement memory in the newly-vacant memory slot by tilting it back and lining up the notches and then pushing down on the memory. Apply distributed force evenly when pressing down. Make sure that it snaps in place.
Step 9
Replace the memory slot cover and make sure to screw tightly. Re-attach the battery to the laptop and turn the laptop on. Check the installed memory by repeating Step 2 to ensure that the memory has been successfully installed on the laptop.