How to create wow private server

Level of difficulty: Easy

World of War craft private servers are changing everyday and various kinds of private servers are present. Create your own wow private server are definitely something that are both growing and changing everyday. There are many private servers available which you might use but sometimes it happens that you may run into problems characters being deleted, the server going down constantly, or the connection speed going down. So the best way to avoid this is to create your own private World of War craft server. It will take time to create your own wow private server but it is easy to do so. There are some pre made programs that could be run by you to host wow.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
A program like Arc Emu is one such hosting program who people who don’t have to re program the whole game. You can rely on Arc Emu to create your own wow private server.
Step 2
The website for it is, you have to do the downloading of the hosting client game which you are interested in hosting. First, download the complete file. Then take the files from the tools folder, it has to be placed in the C:/program files/world of war craft directory. Then execute it.
Step 3
For any reason the executable file doesn’t run, then you will have to install and update the latest version of framework. Then move the maps from the wow folder to the ArcEmu folder. Run' Start Database' from ArcEmu.
Step 4
The game will run in the background. 'Arcemu-logonserver' will have to be loaded which will allow other connections and 'world' to connect. When this is done, load 'arcemu-world' all the files will be loaded from the world of war craft.
Step 5
Now to play, just load World of War craft. The game can be played without an internet connection. It could also happen that you will get bored with the game and miss the social aspect of it but no doubt, it is fun to have admin power.
Step 6
For more people to join you and play the game, you have to make the server public, what you have to do is have a look at other articles concerning making wow public.