How to burn dvds

Level of difficulty: Easy

Digital versatile disks (DVD) are the widely used storage devices. It is a plastic disc that uses a laser to store data. Before deciding to burn a DVD, it is very important to have proper knowledge about the kind of DVD that we need to burn. Be it data or multimedia file, burning them on a DVD is something that ensures their safety. Burning a DVD can be very stressful and confusing for a novice and one may feel it to be unnecessarily complicated. But once a step-by-step guide is provided, it can be easily carried out. The requirements for this burning process is very simple- a built in DVD/DVD-RW drive or an external DVD burner, a PC with DVD burning software programs like Nero installed in it and a blank writable or rewritable DVD to store all the information. General DVD burning programs is the nominal requirement for spreadsheets, back up files and documents.

Materials Needed:
- an external DVD burner
- a PC with DVD burning software programs installed in it
- a blank writable or rewritable DVD to store all the information.
Step 1
The first job is to save those files that have to be burned in the DVD has to be saved in any folder of the computer.
Step 2
Then a blank DVD has to be inserted in the DVD drive. Go to the option all programs from start menu.
Step 3
Select burn DVD option and then Nero StartSmart.
Step 4
The option DVD needs to be selected from the pull down menu from the top.
Step 5
On clicking the data icon certain options will appear.
Step 6
The option make data DVD has to be clicked and as a result the Nero express window will open.
Step 7
Then comes the step of adding the files. Click on add and the location field on the files and folders window shows the required field.
Step 8
Select them and opt for the add button. As a result the files will be added to the disk.
Step 9
As the method of data adding completes, click finish in order to return to the Nero express window. As soon as the Next button in the Nero express window is clicked, the burn settings box appears.
Step 10
Just click on Burn and it will start the process of burning.
Step 11
We can generally burn a full length DVD(4.7 GB) in less than half an hour. The burning process provides a solution to back up several data on one DVD and also adds the benefit of playing those audios or videos with a DVD player on TV anywhere. So, who does not have a DVD burning software already installed and configured in the computer- think about it.